Ordinary Human Being

Fuck all religions, fuck all cultures!

Fuck everything!

I just wanna be an ordinary human being.


Fuck all ideals, fuck all expectations!

Fuck everything!

I just wanna be an ordinary human being.


Fuck all nations, fuck all languages!

Fuck everything!

I just wanna be an ordinary human being.



Fuck Communism, fuck Capitalism!

Fuck all products and the gadgets too!

Fuck everything that tries to control you!

An ordinary human being: that’s what we should be.





MACBETH Act 1 Scene 1

Rattle snakes lay dormant within the dry desert sand. Thorny bushes did not bend to winds. Poisonous acidic gasses whirled breaking the silence of the heath.

Maria lay buried  inside the sand upto her neck. She sang her favourite song:

“Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair,

Hover through the fog and filthy air.”

Then the thunder came and the skies cracked with light. Maria looked up and laughed. She thought of all that is foul: love, kindness, peace, gentleness, truth, honour, religion, flowers, meadows, clear skies and more. The thought chocked her. No one loved me when I wanted love. No one cared for me when I wanted care. I kept searching for joy but all I found is dust.

She tried to laugh once more but couldn’t. All she could do was to make shrieking sounds that were unwelcome to her own ears. I am not beautiful and the world respects only beauty.

Then she thought about the most happiest day in her life. The day she met the man named Toby. The world calls him a devil. But to her he was an  angel. He had wings, dark as the wings of a raven, that hugged the whole of her when she cried to the darkness. He whispered to her the secrets of the universe and taught her the spells that could control nature. Yes, love or peace can’t make you happy. It is the darker thing in life that gives you joy. How sweet is murder? How sweet is lust?

She sensed that her sisters were coming. She had waited for them for long. Far away, behind the fog of dust she saw two shadows. My sisters! What would I do without you?

She uttered a spell and the ground moved for her. She raised herself from the ground and stood on the filthy air. Her torn robes flew to the tunes of the breeze. The sisters were with her. We are the Weird Sister. Ah! I love that name. The Weird Sisters. The sisters held hands and floated in the air, the filthy air.

Martha asked, ‘When shall we three meet again? In Thunder, lightening or in rain?’

Maria replied, ‘When the hurly-burly is done. When the battle is lost and won.’

‘That will be before the sun sets,’ observed Maggie, the third weird sister.

‘Where?’ asked Martha.

‘The heath.’ replied Maria.

‘ So, we will meet Macbeth there,’ said Maggie quite casually.

Martha’s heart skipped a beat. It was young Macbeth who set fire to her thatched house years ago, killing her parents and her brother. Revenge is fair. The other sisters understood this and remained silent.

‘Come, Graymalkin!’ cried out Martha and a giant grey cat with yellow eyes came running towards her. She leaped over the cat and sat on him. He purred.

‘Paddock!’ called out Maria and a giant toad leaped from the ground. Maria mounted him.

‘Rave!’ called out Maggie and a humongous raven flew from the clouds towards her. She petted the raven’s jet black her before climbing over him.

Martha, Maria and Maggie looked at each other. They began to sing:

‘Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair,

Hover through the fog and filthy air…’









So many angels tried to conquer the human soul.

Their legends are engraved below:


An angel named Hope stirred the heart

And raised its spirits. But then,

A demon called Depression came

And wrecked it into bits and pieces.


An angel named Faith moved the mountains

That blocked the soul. But then,

A demon called Doubt came

And created a labyrinth that ruined the mind.


An angel named Love woke up the passions

And let its fires and waters awaken the soul.

These fires and waters began to dance so frenziedly

That kept the demons silent.


“Who taught you to dance?” asked Love

To the fires and waters of passion.

“It is Melody, the invisible angel

Who has a crush on you,” replied the fires and waters.


And then the Angel called Love

Burst into happy tears knowing how much

Melody loves her.

“Come Melody!” she cried. “Let conquer together!”

And then Melody came as a breeze

And caressed Love with its kisses.

Their rhythms and beats put life

Into the shattered human soul.


The human soul that felt Paradise

Found the ultimate truth: “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!”

Without noticing the Melody

That was beating inside her heart.


So from then on,

The Angel of Love became one with Melody,

Her invisible lover.


So from then on,

Wherever there was Love there was music,

Creating invisible beauty. ©Denvor Fernandez

Book Review: Battle of the Spheres by Melita Tessy

Half way through the novel a character says: “Peace does not come only from destroying evil, but from building goodness…” This is a wonderful message for the present day world were peace can be only a dream beyond our grasps. Beyond poignant lines, this novel gives us a thrilling experience that teaches us through its dramatic presentation and characters that are well-developed like every good novel should do.

The novel Battle of the Spheres is a science fiction speculative fiction that talks about worlds within our world. It is pure fantasy that can be even called futuristic. It imagines intelligent beings living in the crust, mantle and core who get affected because of the wasteful and destructive activities of human beings! May sound unbelievable, but the gripping narration and the surging emotions really makes you believe in the worlds Tessy has created.

Of late, critics have always sided with Realism and Magical-realism when it comes to fiction. Fantasy fiction, though it is as old as the mountains, have been ignored as mere decorations of imagination. This novel proves that Fantasy fiction makes more sense than any realistic novel. Though the characters in a Fantasy novel are imaginary deep inside them they feel the same things that a real human feels: suffering, guilt, joy, sorrow, fear, anxiety, pain, love and much more. We in the real world have to make the same tough choices that could change our lives forever. The theme of choice and destiny that is common to almost all stories is well alive in this novel.

This review would be incomplete if I don’t mention Jacelyn, the protagonist of the novel. She is so awesome and cool and the readers would definitely root for her. Her problems become our problems, her choices become our choices, when we get lost in this novel. Without her, the novel would have lost its sheen. Tessy makes sure that Jacelyn remains in our mind even weeks after reading the novel.

Battle of the Spheres by Melita Tessy is racy, elegant, entertaining and “un-put-down-able”. It makes you believe in yourself even when the world is full of pain, chaos and meaninglessness. (Even I am sometimes guilty of feeling that everything is evil and meaningless when I hear bad news and when bad things happen to me. If you have felt the same this novel will definitely cure you!)


Author of Faustina’s Fantastic Friends

Why I wrote “Faustina’s Fantastic Friends”?

I always wanted to write a novel when I was a kid. I did it so many times but couldn’t get it published. But still, it was burning inside me. Then I wanted my friends to smile, laugh and get thrilled and take pride in the idea that I caused the smile on their face or their hearts to race. But my childhood revolted against me in the form of parental expectations, academic fear and other fears I would not like to share.

It was not always about me. Yes, writing can be mistook as a very selfish activity where only your version of the tale is foregrounded and your emotions surges tsunamis. That is not why I write. I write to share my inner feelings because deep inside me I have discovered that every human being faces the same problems as other human beings; it just gets disguised by identities and social constructions.We all play the same video game of life in different avatars, levels, stages and worlds. I write to inspire.

I wrote “Faustina’s Fantastic Friends”, a science fiction children’s fantasy, because I have a message to all the children in the world. I don’t want them to be like me; I want them to be better than me. They should learn to love themselves and be brave and divert their energies to soar towards the greater things in life. There are things I know today ( I am 29) that I wished I knew when I was a child. Things about the space, our planet, the environment, happiness, success and the soul within.

I also love children to read literature and create an awareness about the world of words. Believe me, nothing can give so much of bliss as the great stories of the world can give you.

A book is a perspective, but it can be a door that opens you to a thousand books.

Well, I manufacture doors.

A book is a drop of wisdom, it can be collected to form the sea of love.

Well, I am a sailor.

You can be anything you want if you love stories and dream of getting lost in imaginary worlds.faustinacovertrue


Author of Faustina’s Fantastic Friends





Being silver, I saw everything within me.


The surgical knife cut into my mother

To let me born.

It was the silvery knife that first saw me: close up.


A naughty young aunty crooned:

“Do you want to see a baby?”

And pointed at a mirror instead.


As a young girl I peered into the pond,

Saw the moon and the stars floating over it

And felt romantic for the first time.


I looked into my lover’s sparkling eyes

And saw myself: the apple of his eyes;

Made promises to eternity.


In the sharp piece of broken glass

That my murderer thrust into my face

I saw myself and my blood for the last time.


My thoughts reflected on all the broken images, all the perspectives, all the actions and reactions, all the versions of my face that the mirrors saw, all the…


Being silver, I saw everything within me.

©Denvor Fernandez

Author of Faustina’s Fantastic Friends


There is a plastic bottle,

Empty of its poisonous cola,

Hanging from the grill of my bedroom window.

I had filled it with mud and planted a seed.


A look through the window sunk my heart.

Unlucky crushed bottles

Choked around the bark of a banyan tree!

Dear Tree, do you remember

Your brothers and sisters who were chopped

To become tables and chairs

In luxurious homes?


The banyan tree did not answer.

Yet, I could feel its loss

Probing into my barren soul

Like thirsty roots.

My heart danced along with its

Heart-shaped leaves.

I took a breath and the oxygen it gave out

Filled my lungs with life.

And then I felt the divine love

Of nature filling my soul.


When I opened my eyes

I saw

A green leaf sprouting

From a plastic bottle,

Empty of its poisonous cola,

Hanging from the grill of my bedroom window.

©Denvor Fernandez


My heart pumps blood

Through the dark tunnels of my veins.

Red. Scarlet. Fire.

My brain receives impulses

Through the inscapes of my flesh.

Pink. White. Ice.


I feel it all inside me;

The inner surge of vitality.

Both fire and ice battle

For the secrets of my soul.


All the people are inside me.

The annals of history have marked me.

The progress of science has taught me.

All matter, time and space are inside me.


The sun and its planets, the atoms and its electrons;

The animals and its offspring, nature and its trees;

All inside ME! All inside ME!


The creator and the created, the master and the slave;

The lover and the beloved, the guru and the sishya;

The murderer and the murdered, the rapist and the raped;

The sinner and the saint, the masculine and the feminine;



I look into the mirror and lo!

I see the image of GOD.

© Denvor Fernandez

Author of Faustina’s Fantastic Friends


God gave us food, and we transformed them into delicacies.

God gave us shade, and we transformed them into palaces.

God gave us intellect, and we transformed them into knowledge.

God gave us materials, and we transformed them into technology.

God gave us sex, and we transformed it into Love.