You stole me from my mother, nature,
And imprisoned me into plastic bottles
With strange names on it.
Let me out! Give me my freedom!
I have nothing but chains to lose.
I once played with my mother in the forest
And jumped from mountains and peaks.
I tickled the leaves and flowers
And let fishes into my heart.
The human race floated over me.
So did the animals of the woods.
You pulled me from wells and streams
And made houses your homes.
You stole the life force from me
And let me boil in rotten factories.
You fed me with toxic wastes
When I was not hungry at all.
You gave me strange names in science.
Two little hydrogen atoms
Carried by a caring oxygen atom-
H2O- Am I just that?
I am the divinity of the Ganga
And the baptism water of the Lord.
I am the delta of civilization.
I am here in the plastic bottle, just here!
Don’t waste your time looking for me in Mars!



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