Love, are you the one?
Who burns inside eloping couples,
Cries after the lost ones,
Springs revenge on being jilted,
Fills the brain with wild emotions.
Wild self-destructive emotions.

Love, are you lust?
which fires the world with energy,
Forces people into that divine touch
which makes them hate.
A hate which makes them angry
A lifelong self-destructive anger.

Love, can we make you
on bed with our loving hearts,
filling our blood with heat,
touching deeper and deeper,
kissing deeper and deeper,
which finally will make us multiply.

Love, can you be kind
As you are? Can you bring the
World together? Can you?
Can you make us reach God?
Who is you are, after all…
Do you cry? Do you laugh?

Love, are you the one?
who brought Jesus into this world.
You taught us peace,
patience, joy and gentleness.
Charity, faith and piety.
But you are still a mystery.

Love, are you Jesus?
You are not envious,
boastful, arrogant or rude.
You do not do evil.
You are the truth
which will save all.

Lets make love.
Lets make Love.



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