‘Awh! Look how beautiful is the shirt human’s wear.’

Said a spider hanging in the air.

‘I will make my version of it’, he said like a bear.

The spider worked and did not care.

‘Humans will know the greatness of spiders.’ he thought.

‘Web shirts will be the new fashion.’ he thought.

After working for days,

The web shirt was made.

‘Spiders are not asses.’ Fathers would say he thought

After looking at his masterpiece,

He took rest hoping for the best.

A small boy came into the room

With his tiny broom.

He destroyed the spider’s web shirt

And neatness came into the room.

The spider cried and cried.

He lost everything he dreamt of.

‘Was not this boy a fan of Spider-man?’ he thought

‘Is this the way to treat the animal that inspired Spider-man?’


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