002Michelangelo-TheLastJudgmentGloria and Augustine

The Author experienced an epiphany.

He wrote:

‘Every moment of sight is a gift from God,

Every drop of sound is God’s grace,

Every inhalation has God’s breath in it,

Every Word I write is His marvellous miracle

And the World his fantabulous Garden.’

Gloria reached the Garden of Joy that was also called the Garden of Pleasure and Garden of Gold by some. Her heart started beating loudly. She must have been tired after walking for miles to reach this place. She must have had her passions stirred by the infinite beauty of the Garden. Her heart was beating fast. The colours of the flowers and the colourlessness of the stream delighted her. She saw a golden flower from which a red fountain emerged. Birds with long feathers drank lustily from the flower. The music the birds made was beyond the great symphonies. The fresh air that escaped into her nose was more pure than the breeze that emerged from the trumpets of angels. Her soul danced with the dancing trees. Cool rays of light focussed on her mind. She experienced ecstasy and tranquillity at the same time. The spiritual feeling that she felt raised her into the heavens. She praised God for giving such beauty to the world. The beauty entered into her heart and stayed there even as she departed from the Garden.


Augustine reached the Garden of Joy. He searched for joy impatiently. When he saw the golden flower he expected to see something more beautiful. When he saw huge birds swimming in the crystalline pool he wondered how they would taste. He saw many things of infinite beauty. He wanted them all. He wanted to buy them. He wanted to possess them.  He saw a message on a rock stating that no one could own the Garden and his greed transformed into anger. His anger then changed into lust. He tried to pluck the flowers but they moved away. He tried to collect the fruits and take it away but the he saw a message on a rock stating that one should eat the fruits only when they are in the garden. He ate the fruits and found them bitter. He screamed with despair. He went away disappointed thinking about taking away his life.




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