Watch the movie Intolerance and you will know how it has gone on in history. We all are human beings with souls deep within us, but we create differences and distinctions  based on gender, race,class, caste, creed, religion, nationality and much more. Why do we do it? Is it because of the ego that says: I am greater than you? Every culture in the world is intolerant in some way. If it is racism in America, it is castism in India; we find a way to soar above the others who we consider to be lesser human beings. A Marxist would say that it is the capitalist mindset that is the main culprit. A Born Again Evangelist  would call it the work of the devil, or Mormon, the God of wealth. Yes, materialism has a role to play in our society. I have money, but you don’t have it; so I am greater than you.

But, even if human society reaches the stage of complete political and economic freedom where , as Gandhi said, we posses enough to satisfy our need and not our greed we will still be intolerant to the feelings of others. There are philosophies as there are human brains. So, who is the culprit? It is culture.

It is culture that differentiates one community from the other. It is culture that brainwashes us into following a particular religion or wear a particular identity. Human culture is based on wealth and status even though culturalists may deny it. People start saying : My culture is more moral than yours; my culture is older than yours; my culture is more scientifically advanced than yours; my culture is richer than yours.

What is the difference between male and female? XY and XX. There is nothing more than that. Cultures create the rest. There is no relationship between gold and women, but culture brainwashes them from childhood and make them addicted to it just as multi-national companies make us addicted to smart phones. Culture created discrimination. It is something that should be abolished mentally. Culture should exist in the material world for our convenience but should be absent from our minds.

In our minds we should be spiritual. We should say: I am a human with a soul; everything else is unimportant. Other human beings also possess the same soul that is part of the Over-soul. The Over-soul can be God for theists and the ultimate cosmic energy for atheists. We should love other human beings, along with the Over-soul, as we love our own soul.


Author of Faustina’s Fantastic Friends


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