Two cannibals from different continents fought with each other. Both of them claimed: “We treat our women and children better.” As they where fighting their women and children ran away in search of ‘Liberty’. 

O Sita! My daughter!

In my dreams you would flutter.

And disappear without any warning

As quick as lightening.


I sinned when I abandoned her.

My guilt searched everywhere.

I send spies to know

What became of her, Oh!


[I left my little one in the forest

Heeding the prophesies of my superstitious

Ministers. Why did I do it?

Was it fear? But, then…]


…I was in my prime of youth,

Filled with the courage of lions.

I did stand for the ‘truth’

And with strength bend irons.


I had sons thereafter

Who grew to be like me.

But, it is not them I am after.

My daughter is more dear to me.


[There is no greater love than that of a father for his daughter.

I realised it too late. Too late. But then…]


…Aryans educated her, indoctrinated her

With their obscure culture.

She learned not the values

That a Dravidian stands for.


O Lord Siva! She married an Aryan.

Her destiny is to be an Aryan’s slave.

He himself is a slave

To the snobbish sages’ orthodoxy.


[Dravidians never enslave their women, nor do they follow the barbaric

Manusmrithi, or the demonic

Caste system. But, then…]


…I have to win her back

And gift her our Freedom.

I want her back

To be the Queen of my egalitarian Kingdom.


I must steal, to set her free


The Aryans who maimed my

Beloved sister.


[But, then…]


…Will a caged bird,

who loves her cage,

Wish to soar the skies

and taste the nectar of Liberation?


The Freedom of some

Is the Slavery of another.

A Hero for some

Is the Villain for another.




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