language of love

“To understand the language of the Heart, one does not need to know any language.” says the lyrics of Viramuthu in the movie ‘Mozhi’.

We express. That is our way. Anger, hatred, jealousy, happiness, sadness and disgust are all expressed. But, should love be ever expressed? Is it something that is felt in the soul and…see how hard is it to express when it comes to love. Love, too, should be expressed for the greater good of all humanity. People who feel anger and hatred easily expresses it in the form of violence, we complain that the world is becoming more violent, so what is stopping us from expressing love.

Love should leave its home, the heart, the soul, and fly like a dove towards the beloved. Love needs a language, a very earthly language that everyone understands. The language of love should have nine alphabets/ symbols which could act as a subject, a verb or as an object. The combination of all the alphabets makes the perfect sentence. The alphabets are:

  1. The Eye: Look at her/ him and enjoy the beauty God has gifted her/ him with. Look with eyes filled with love; the eyes like a camera records the beauty of your beloved and communicated love to your soul. Look at the hills, meadows, valleys and trees; Don’t you see God in them. The waterfall. Look. The ocean. Look. Does not the ocean  accept pebbles of every race, kind and colour. Look into others’ happiness and make them your own. Don’t look with jealousy, don’t look with lust, or with greed or angry. Look with love and enjoy variety in the Universe.
  2. The Smile: God smiles; Don’t forget to smile back, for God is present in every being and non-being. Every smile blossoms a ray of peace in your heart as well as the hearts who receive the smile. It give inner peace quicker than any meditation.
  3. The Ear: Listen to your beloved. Obey the Voice, if it would lead to peace and goodness. Listen to the birds, to the breeze and to the stream. Don’t forget the rain that showers equally on grass and oak.
  4. The Word: Every language is a gift. You can say, I love you, in any language you with. It creates the same effect. Tell your beloved how much you love her/him, using the dynamics of the language, after throwing away the dress of fear. Feel it before you tell it. communicate love by praising your lover’s body, mind and soul.
  5. The Gift: A tricky one; but it tells how much you love. Krishna says in Bagavat Gita, if you give me a leaf with love and compassion in your heart I would certainly accept it and keep it forever. Offer yourself as a gift; other gifts are only material symbols.
  6. The Action: ‘Right Action’ is one of the Eightfold paths to Nirvana, according to Buddha. All your actions must be filled with truth, goodness and beauty. Satyam shivam sundaram. Perform actions without expecting the fruits of action, says the Bagavat Gita.
  7. The Freedom: If you love something, set it free; if it come back it is yours; if it doesn’t it was never yours, said Omar Khayaam. Enjoy your beloved’s freedom for love happens when you respect the freedom of others. Possessiveness and jealousy are the enemies of love. Satisfy your lover’s dream and destiny.
  8. The Touch: A single kiss can awaken the sleeping beauty, a single hug can vanquish millions of misunderstandings. The first kiss changed both the lover and the beloved. They are not humans any more; they are Gods. The child knows the love of the mother from the gentle nipple that feeds the milk of love. A touch can say things that billions of words can’t.
  9. The Soul: You and your lover share the same soul. All have souls; they are one. Our souls are just bits of leafs fallen from the, Over-Soul, the Supreme  God, the Tree of Life. The roots will absorb us and we will turn in fresh leaves in the Body of God.

The language of love is easy to learn. The only sin in the world is to stop loving. As you have already read this article, it is time to forget these nine alphabets. Yes, forget it. Remember only the power of Love. Other words mean nothing. Remember only the feeling, the impression, this article left in your mind. Forget everything. I just want to tell you this:

Dear Reader, I Love You.



2 thoughts on “The Language of Love

  1. A lovely observation; thank you. Your expression of love for readers at the end reminds us that the beloved ultimately is not a singular human being — a lover — but all of humanity and, indeed, the whole of creation.

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