What is religion?

Religion confusion

Religion is organised spirituality. It comes along with a belief of something more than the body and the mind: the belief in the existence of the soul. But, in order to touch the soul we need to use our body and mind; the body discovers the greatness of the mind, and the mind discovers the greatness of the soul.

Religion is Love. It embraces everyone; may be everything. It is a light that keeps on sharing. The light puts bliss and ecstasy into everything it touches. It is about one soul that sacrifices itself, killing the evils of greed and selfishness, to share this light of Love.

Religion is joy. It is happy when others are happy. It does not worry about rules and dogmas. It stays away from evil moralists who torture the world with guns and bombs in the name of religion. It is not jealous of another’s joy.

Religion is ________ . The word is a mystery. It is up to you to find it.