A poem about an old man looking at the ways of the new generation clearly bears a stain of regret. Is he jealous of the new generation for the freedom which they enjoy? Are all old men the same? How do humans see the happiness of others? They are important questions.

Generation gap is a problem faced by humankind from the times of Adam and Eve. These first parents could have looked at their children and commented: ‘These fellows are enjoying their lives better than we did. These fellows are less cultured. We were more moral than them. The good old days were better because we were more disciplined.’ When the children of Adam and Eve grew up they said the same things about their children and so on.

We feel sympathetic towards Philip Larkin are we feel sympathetic towards the older generation. But then, we should not become the slaves of the rules and dogmas created by the older generation. Yes, we should respect them, but we should not become actors in a drama produced and directed by the older generation. Yes, religion is dying, but it is only the beginning of a rebirth in religion. Religion should be reinvented with each generation or else religion will stoop into fanaticism.

Read the poem at http://allpoetry.com/High-Windows


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