If you are attracted to one’s personality or looks, it is physical attraction.

If you are attracted to one’s wealth or profession, it is greed for security.

If you are emotionally attached to a person, it is infatuation.

If you wish to make someone yours, it is possessiveness.

If you take pride in another person’s freedom, making a spiritual connection with that person, giving up your ego in a complete surrender and merge into that other person to form God, it can be called LOVE.

But physical attraction, greed for security, infatuation and the others can be paths towards love. Yes, there are negative connotations attached to them, but sometimes negative experiences lead us to discover our right paths. It takes a lot of strength to convert your attachments into Love.

Being in love is the only way to make our world a better place.

You have to love God. You have to love the world, with its people, animals, birds, trees, plants, rocks and rivers; yes, the whole of it. You are also part of this world, so don’t forget to love yourself.



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