My heart pumps blood

Through the dark tunnels of my veins.

Red. Scarlet. Fire.

My brain receives impulses

Through the inscapes of my flesh.

Pink. White. Ice.


I feel it all inside me;

The inner surge of vitality.

Both fire and ice battle

For the secrets of my soul.


All the people are inside me.

The annals of history have marked me.

The progress of science has taught me.

All matter, time and space are inside me.


The sun and its planets, the atoms and its electrons;

The animals and its offspring, nature and its trees;

All inside ME! All inside ME!


The creator and the created, the master and the slave;

The lover and the beloved, the guru and the sishya;

The murderer and the murdered, the rapist and the raped;

The sinner and the saint, the masculine and the feminine;



I look into the mirror and lo!

I see the image of GOD.

© Denvor Fernandez

Author of Faustina’s Fantastic Friends


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