I always wanted to write a novel when I was a kid. I did it so many times but couldn’t get it published. But still, it was burning inside me. Then I wanted my friends to smile, laugh and get thrilled and take pride in the idea that I caused the smile on their face or their hearts to race. But my childhood revolted against me in the form of parental expectations, academic fear and other fears I would not like to share.

It was not always about me. Yes, writing can be mistook as a very selfish activity where only your version of the tale is foregrounded and your emotions surges tsunamis. That is not why I write. I write to share my inner feelings because deep inside me I have discovered that every human being faces the same problems as other human beings; it just gets disguised by identities and social constructions.We all play the same video game of life in different avatars, levels, stages and worlds. I write to inspire.

I wrote “Faustina’s Fantastic Friends”, a science fiction children’s fantasy, because I have a message to all the children in the world. I don’t want them to be like me; I want them to be better than me. They should learn to love themselves and be brave and divert their energies to soar towards the greater things in life. There are things I know today ( I am 29) that I wished I knew when I was a child. Things about the space, our planet, the environment, happiness, success and the soul within.

I also love children to read literature and create an awareness about the world of words. Believe me, nothing can give so much of bliss as the great stories of the world can give you.

A book is a perspective, but it can be a door that opens you to a thousand books.

Well, I manufacture doors.

A book is a drop of wisdom, it can be collected to form the sea of love.

Well, I am a sailor.

You can be anything you want if you love stories and dream of getting lost in imaginary worlds.faustinacovertrue


Author of Faustina’s Fantastic Friends





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