Half way through the novel a character says: “Peace does not come only from destroying evil, but from building goodness…” This is a wonderful message for the present day world were peace can be only a dream beyond our grasps. Beyond poignant lines, this novel gives us a thrilling experience that teaches us through its dramatic presentation and characters that are well-developed like every good novel should do.

The novel Battle of the Spheres is a science fiction speculative fiction that talks about worlds within our world. It is pure fantasy that can be even called futuristic. It imagines intelligent beings living in the crust, mantle and core who get affected because of the wasteful and destructive activities of human beings! May sound unbelievable, but the gripping narration and the surging emotions really makes you believe in the worlds Tessy has created.

Of late, critics have always sided with Realism and Magical-realism when it comes to fiction. Fantasy fiction, though it is as old as the mountains, have been ignored as mere decorations of imagination. This novel proves that Fantasy fiction makes more sense than any realistic novel. Though the characters in a Fantasy novel are imaginary deep inside them they feel the same things that a real human feels: suffering, guilt, joy, sorrow, fear, anxiety, pain, love and much more. We in the real world have to make the same tough choices that could change our lives forever. The theme of choice and destiny that is common to almost all stories is well alive in this novel.

This review would be incomplete if I don’t mention Jacelyn, the protagonist of the novel. She is so awesome and cool and the readers would definitely root for her. Her problems become our problems, her choices become our choices, when we get lost in this novel. Without her, the novel would have lost its sheen. Tessy makes sure that Jacelyn remains in our mind even weeks after reading the novel.

Battle of the Spheres by Melita Tessy is racy, elegant, entertaining and “un-put-down-able”. It makes you believe in yourself even when the world is full of pain, chaos and meaninglessness. (Even I am sometimes guilty of feeling that everything is evil and meaningless when I hear bad news and when bad things happen to me. If you have felt the same this novel will definitely cure you!)


Author of Faustina’s Fantastic Friends


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