So many angels tried to conquer the human soul.

Their legends are engraved below:


An angel named Hope stirred the heart

And raised its spirits. But then,

A demon called Depression came

And wrecked it into bits and pieces.


An angel named Faith moved the mountains

That blocked the soul. But then,

A demon called Doubt came

And created a labyrinth that ruined the mind.


An angel named Love woke up the passions

And let its fires and waters awaken the soul.

These fires and waters began to dance so frenziedly

That kept the demons silent.


“Who taught you to dance?” asked Love

To the fires and waters of passion.

“It is Melody, the invisible angel

Who has a crush on you,” replied the fires and waters.


And then the Angel called Love

Burst into happy tears knowing how much

Melody loves her.

“Come Melody!” she cried. “Let conquer together!”

And then Melody came as a breeze

And caressed Love with its kisses.

Their rhythms and beats put life

Into the shattered human soul.


The human soul that felt Paradise

Found the ultimate truth: “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!”

Without noticing the Melody

That was beating inside her heart.


So from then on,

The Angel of Love became one with Melody,

Her invisible lover.


So from then on,

Wherever there was Love there was music,

Creating invisible beauty. ©Denvor Fernandez


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